Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Did But It Wasn't Pretty

One of the slowest 'up over Dundry' for a while. I just feel a bit knackered at the moment. It was the anti-clockwise route today and I really very nearly stopped on the climb. Martin's words of encouragement kept me chugging - he was running back with me, first time in a while on account he'd had a good 5k at the Bridge Inn on Tuesday. In my defense - OK, there's no defense - but it was very humid - ooh, did I get away with sneaking in that excuse? No, thought not.

Going to rest up now ahead of the Seaview 17. I had a surprisingly good race there last year, far exceeding my expectation in a time of 2:56 for the 20 mile coastal romp. Wind the clock back a month and I was confident of beating that. Fast forward to today and I'm not feeling so positive. My mojo has gone South for the winter - and it's still the bloody summer. Hopefully a good solid lie in on Saturday followed by a restful day will see me relocate it - I really really hope so....

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