Monday, March 23, 2009

Severely broken...

... The exercise bike, not me. It sounds dodgy. Clanking and grinding noises a plenty. Something has come loose which I don't think will be too hard to fix if I can get the case off - that's going to be a sod. New fangled modern manufacturing techniques using plastic and the like with little latches here, there and every-flippin-where and to add to all that I haven't got a big enough socket - stop it - to get the crank arm off and that bad boy's got to come off first before any of the rest comes apart.

Still, I managed 45 minutes in front of the Gadget Show - well, what else would I choose to watch on Monday evening at 8pm? My legs feel OK - it's the back which is the problem. I haven't run a real hard road session for ages and all that pounding has given me a back ache. No permanent damage though.

I'm still living on the fumes of yesterday. It felt great to race the Hogweed. Moving through the field. Ah, the nostalgia of it - yeh, the nostalgia all except the being 5 minutes slower than last year - ho hum.