Sunday, March 08, 2009


I might have a go on the bike later on. I might not. I've been tired today. So very tired. So very very tired. I didn't rise from my slumber until gone 10 - and even then it was a struggle. I don't feel unwell, just tired - think I mentioned that already.

Well, the drive north on Friday and the race yesterday meant I missed day 3 of the fifth week of the pushups plan so I forced myself to do them this evening. Suffice to say it was hard. So very hard. So very very hard.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel a bit more energised. I hope so. I want to train. I'm keen to train. I feel now is the time to hit some longer runs. I'm going to try and get a place in the Hogweed Hilly Half but I might have left it too late. Not going to run any sort of a time there if I do get a place but it's a well organised race and one I really enjoy.