Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the Nick of time

What a turn up for the books. Nick, yes, Nick, old Nick - well, he's not actually that old - was back at the track with Sean, Rick and me. He's back from Uni and looking sharp. He's training for a half marathon and threatens to return next week!

Tonight, on a colder night than of recent weeks, we ran five sets of 500m, 300m reps with 60 seconds(ish) between the 5's and 3's and then 2 minutes between sets - except I opted to run ten 300's with what ever recovery it turned out I got. Even though I ran less than the rest I still found it bloody damn hard going. I was pleased with my times of 55, 54 and 53 seconds though, with more 53's than the any other and the fifth or sixth was actually a 52 - but being a mathematician, I've edited that one out as a statistical anomaly.