Saturday, March 14, 2009

House troubles

Well my nice relaxing Saturday has been thrown into disarray. I was going to go for a short run around the woods and then generally relax. Instead, our waste - read sewerage - system has gone pear shaped - again. Suffice to say I've now moved to defcon 6 to get the man round to sort things out. I can live without many things but using the bog ain't one of them.

Anyway, I've had to stay in and wait for him to arrive so I've only managed to fit in another bike session, albeit 45 minutes this time. I crank up the resistance to a high-ish level so I do get a burn but I would much rather have gone for a run. The weather out there is great but I'm stuck here - and that makes me sad.

I only hope we can get something sorted or else I'm not going to the mountains tomorrow either and that's going to be a real pisser. The weather looks good for tomorrow - double whammy. Oh, for that long run. Never mind. I'll hold my stiff upper lip and wait to see how it turns out....