Monday, September 12, 2022

The Zwift Academy 2022 Begins....

It's just as well my left calf muscle is still a little sore, as the Zwift Academy 2022 has begun. If I'm honest I am itching to get proper running again, but the calf is taking sooo long to recover. It's been nine days and counting and although the limp has gone, it's still too sore for proper running - oh the joys of old age! I don't think it will be too long now though. The only partial silver lining, more of a 'white metal' lining really, is that I almost can't feel it when I'm riding, and certainly doesn't interfere with things.

Back to the Academy, and it was the 'baseline' ride tonight, to set out your markers for short, medium and long efforts - almost saw stars completing the short effort. It felt like I'd put in a good solid performance though, based on my recent form. Then, over the next four week, there are six structured workouts to complete, followed by the 'Finish line' ride - to see how much you've improved... Obviously, you put in your own rides here and there as well and I'm going to be getting back on with the running. But, over the next four weeks the focus is going to be the Academy to see how much I can improve.

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