Sunday, September 18, 2022

Back On Track

After a couple of weeks of less than excellent training, at least on the running front, I finally put in a decent session on the treadmill. 10 one-minute reps with 45s recovery. I set the pace for the first repetition at the pace I used the last time I did a similar session. It felt easy. Really easy. I increased the pace for each repetition. The final one was 15% faster than the first - and I felt I still had a fair bit more in me but having just come back from injury I wasn't going to be silly...

That is until an hour or two later, when I felt I needed to train a bit more and hopped on the bike for a race on Zwift. I didn't set off too manic but within next to no time I was cranking it out. It was a small field and I found myself riding solo, so it was more of a time trial. I could see I was averaging good power, right up to and a bit beyond my ftp. That was, until a couple of riders caught me. Now I know it's not real but when they reached me, they proceeded to sit on the wheel and didn't take a turn on the front. I know it doesn't matter but it irked me.

I put in a big effort and broke their draft. In Zwift that is when you get away by 5m or more. I eased back a little so as not to die in the saddle and after a few minutes they came back again and sat on the wheel as before. Hitting a short ascent. I went again, and for longer this time. A few minutes later and one of them was back, the other had blown. I went again, harder and longer than before - oh, er, matron. This time he didn't come back.

After a few more minutes I caught up to a bigger group. There was little chance of breaking away from that, so I bided my time, still putting out good power. At the finish, I welcomed in ftp increase splash screen. A 16W/9% improvement. Pleased with that. Won't be long before I reach my previous high...

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