Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Back to the Academy Sooner Than Expected...

With a repeat of the baseline ride - because Zwift f#(%ed the first one up. Apparently, they had various training session group dynamics switched on, meaning real world dynamics simulation wasn't correctly relating speed, power and incline (or some such nonsense). Upshot, it was a complete load of b#!!*(%s in terms of being a baseline to gauge improvement at completion of the academy and I had to ride it again - grrrrrrhhh.

So, with a big slice of deja vu, I rode it all again. With the proper dynamics, chasing people ahead was more realistic this time. That led me to increase my average power for the medium segment by 4W, the 'long' climb segment by a very surprising 15W and an unbelievable... exactly the same power, 467W, for the short sprint.

I'm gonna be Mr Angry if they got anything wrong with tonight's session...

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