Friday, September 16, 2022

Finally Managed It....

A run. An actual run. It wasn't fast, my leg was still sore, but it was definitely a run. That was Wednesday. I missed training yesterday and today it was the first of the six Zwift Academy structured training rides. It was a solid session without pushing totally into the red so I'm thinking my current FTP might have increased a few points since my last test. I'll see how the next one goes Sunday or Monday and maybe increase the training bias a few percentage points if I think it needs it. I want to get maximum gains from all this.

Up tomorrow, I'm the recovery driver for the Black Mountains fell race. I get to put the stragglers out of their misery - I mean exfiltrate them back to race HQ - if they're unable to continue or miss the road crossings cut off times. I might head there a little early and have a pootle up to Chwarel Y Fan and back before the runners come through now that the soreness in my left calf has finally subsided. It's taken two weeks. Definitely getting too old for this sh!t - but it ain't going to stop me.

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