Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Should've But I Didn't...

Take another rest day as my legs are still sore and a little stiff but I couldn't not do something - now I've confused myself. Anyway, tonight it was the a group ride, stage 1 of the MAAP tour on Zwift - yes, another virtual cycle jersey is coming my way in another three stages time... Sad git.

I took it easy (at least at the start) but even that was quite hard work. My heart rate wasn't high but the leg effort felt like it. Well into the ride, I managed to get myself caught up in a small group of riders pushing and couldn't help myself, pushing harder to break off the front - so much for taking it easy. I suspect I will pay for it tomorrow - and not to mention prolong the recovery but heck, it was fun and I enjoyed it. 42km, 660m ascent 1:23hr. 

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