Thursday, July 25, 2019

Not The Weather For Me...

So I missed yesterday's training session because I was feeling wiped out. I hardly slept a wink Tuesday night. First, the thunder struck at midnight, and uncharacteristically the cat was out. She's a timid one at the best of times so I rushed outside, sporting just my undies, in the pouring rain to try and get her in. She came squeaking past but ran under the bloody car instead of through the open front door. Try as I might she wasn't coming out from there and despite looking like she was bricking it I couldn't get her in. Eventually I just had to leave her to it but by then I was wide awake - not to mention dripping wet.

I towelled down and went back to bed but struggled to get to sleep. A couple hours later, having finally drifted off to sleep, I was awoken by the cat yowling at the front door. I could here the solenoid on the cat flap triggering but she wouldn't come through. I think the click was scaring her after the terror of the thunder. I was up again to let her in and guess what? Yes, I struggled to get back to sleep again. Come 5:40 I was up and off to work, feeling less than wide awake. Suffice to say, after the day at work and then the drive home, baking in the car, any hope of the training session was out the window.

Tonight I fared better. I wasn't feeling full of beans but having had an okay night's sleep last night, had a modicum of energy with which to pedal my way to stage 4 of the #Zwift Off the MAAP Tour. I started slow and built. My heart rate monitor is playing up at the moment, rest assured I wasn't hitting 200bpm but I did start to build the power through the ride.

I targeted the hills, where I put most power which helped me move through the field. I ended up solo with about 6km to go and then got caught by a small group with 2km to go. I knew I had more power in the bag and latched on to them until one of them went from 900m to go. I matched him for 500m before going from 400m out and held on comfortably but not without getting the heart pumping towards max - but definitely not as high as the heart rate was reading. 30km, 275m ascent.

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