Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Bit Lacklustre

Wasn't totally feeling it this weekend. I completed the planned training schedule but wasn't feeling full of beans. Yesterday was a virtual hilly ride in order to complete the L'Etape du Tour mission. Fitting in 4563m of climb during the three weeks of the mission came down to the wire but the 600 plus metres clocked up yesterday took me over the line.

Today I treadmilled it to 10k. The first time I've managed that distance on the treadmill. Helped, to some degree, by Stranger Things. I'm up to episode seven. I fear there could be some binge-watching going down - but I'll not let it impinge on the training schedule.

Looking to be back on the racing next week. This weeks Four Fans would've been beyond me and I'm trying to be sensible.

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