Thursday, December 27, 2012

Plan Of Attack

I've decided on my training plan to kick off 2013. I'm going to race myself fit. Back in the day I got really fit racing every weekend and I'm going to try and re-capture that. So far I've picked out about forty fell races from January to June. I want to add some orienteering, some road and some off road races to the list and then whittle them down to try and give me a race each weekend plus plenty of double headers. I want to make sure I add in some of the classics. The Welsh 1000m, the 3000s, Ennerdale, Great Lakes and others. Make a weekend of it. Maybe even a long weekend as things head from Spring to Summer. If that won't get me fit I don't know what will. I've also kicked off the hundred press-up and sit-up training schedule to try and get some upperbody strength.

Training wise it was a bad one. I didn't get home till eight, eleven hours at the rock face left me drained. If things go wrong on site I might be back on the road tonight. I am crossing everything that that doesn't happen. Everyone cross those fingers...

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