Saturday, December 29, 2012

Didn't Quite Finish The List

I started it. Some fifty races with a few more to add but I didn't finish it. I ended up back at work - boo - and didn't get home till gone seven - even more volumatic boo. I'm not the happiest chappy in all the world. To add insult to injury on arrival home it started to pee down. On the up side I've decided to go splash the cash on the Seven Sins race over Blakeney way - if I can find the Wenchford picnic site for registration. No lie in for me then.

Fingers crossed nothing cocks up my plan. I really could do with a break from work getting in the damn way all the time. Here's to a less cocked up 2013. I needs me some PMA - don't go getting that confused with a similar sounding synonym...

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