Sunday, December 02, 2012

Cream Crackered

or should that be Cardington Cream Crackered. Hell it was tough underfoot in this year's Cardington Cracker. None of the expected frost mind, just lots and lots of sticky mud. I'd gained three inches - ssh, no, stop it - in height by the time I exited the first of the fields at the first road crossing and they made us go around the field edge instead of the normal straight across route as the farmer had ploughed it ready for barley. Right that's my excuses in...

Anyway, I ran like an old festering pile of poo but never the less enjoyed the outing. I was the slowest I've ever been - but not by as much as the results have me listed. They must have missed one of the earlier runners time because they have me a minute slower than my already slow time of 1:37:12. Still, I squeezed into the top hundred in 74th place. Did I mention it was really heavy going underfoot and they made us run further this year?

Aside from running so pitifully slow I ran it about as well as I could have. I set off steady but not far off full effort and then picked it up from half way atop Caradoc. I descended pretty well picking up loads of places and from that half way point I reckon I collected ten or so places. Somehow the last few miles weren't as bad as normal. Despite the mud - did I mention there was lots of sticky mud - I had plenty of endurance to keep me focused through the last fields - full of mud, not sure if I mentioned that, oh, and a liberal sprinkling of cow sh!t.

I'm glad I made the effort to go. This time next year I'll be a millionaire - er, no, I mean - this time next year I will knock minutes off this years time or I will let people hit me with sticks as penance - but only thin sticks, more twigs really.

Any finally, praise where praise is due. Well done to the race organiser, his team, the marshals and most importantly the cake bakers and soup-sayers on this, the races 25th year.

Today's 9 miles and 700m ascent.


Anonymous said...

What was it like underfoot?!!!

The Mad Runner said...

Dammit, I knew I missed something out...

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