Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fell At The First Hurdle

Well I managed to miss the first race on the list - doh. I've a sore throat that feels like I've been eating sandpaper - I haven't. Sneezing, wheezing and coughing like an old man - well, an even older man at any rate. Decided it would be a bit silly to go race in the circumstances. I have, however, focused my mind - not an easy task - and come up with my target race, or in this case, races... The Welsh 1000s on June the 1st followed by the Vegan Welsh 3000s on the 15th. The entries are winging their way as we speak. The downside to my selection is that it means I probably shouldn't risk running the Ennerdale Horseshoe on the 8th - even for me that might a tad too mad.

Despite not making the race I've managed a workout in the gym, continuing my upper body workout plan. I will have my six pack back. Just hoping this damn cold clears up quickly or at least eases a little so I can go orienteer - as opposed to 'orient are' (hint, Christmas tune) - on Tuesday....

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