Thursday, December 20, 2012

Better Wish Everyone A Happy Christmas Now While There's Still Time

Yes, that's right, another year is almost complete and another end of the world almost upon us. Apparently the Mayan's have forecast the end is nigh and if they forecast that we'd all be washed away then I'm more than a little scared...

What rubbish weather it is though. It's getting beyond a joke. Got caught in some mystery traffic on the way home. No reason for it all to come to a grinding halt on the A40. Can't find any reports of problems. An odd one. Talking weather - a British speciality - the forecast for Saturday's Skirrid race looks absolutely pants. It's a new race and looking at the terrain, likely to be very wet underfoot. I'm going to need extra special motivation in order to shift my arse over there if the forecast is even half right.

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