Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Led Astray By The Ladies

Those cake bake judges took things a little too seriously for my liking. Having said that, a few of the bakers went at it pretty full on. Fair play to the gold medalist. His cake was a master piece. It must have taken him the best part of a week to decorate. Puts my hour in the kitchen to shame. Still, I came joint third - with just about every other cake that wasn't first or second. Despite that defeat I reckon most of tonight's bakers would have had some difficulty creating a battenburg - not that I'm bitter.

Training was the highlight tonight though. It was good to grind out some hill reps. Short and sharp. Just the ticket. Each rep was about 130m with the jog back as recovery and straight into the next. There was a two minute recovery after the first six before another seven - as I can't count. So much easier to run in a group and by god was it a big group. There must have been 30+ out there.

Then a few of us finished off with a recovery jog back to the leisure centre. I felt right knackered by that 30 minute 6.3km cool down. Those ladies certainly know how to run. Leading me astray...

I enjoyed the training tonight. Definitely going to make more effort to get to training in the future...

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