Friday, November 09, 2012

Darn Tootin' That Was Nasty

So cold. So very cold and so wet. So very very wet and windy. So very - you get the picture. It really was a bastard from start to finish. There was no let up for the entire 17km route and 725m ascent from Blaen-y-Glyn car park over to Lower Neuadd reservoir, up to the ridge and along to Pen-y-Fan. We missed out Cribyn and Fan-y-Big, skirting the summits rather climbing all the way up. I have to raise my hand and bow my head in shame for selecting the 'wimps' option on account of my legs were a bit trashed from yesterday. I say 'we', I was out with Ben G of Mynydd Du nee Dark Peak. Then it was along the ridge of a sort before dropping back down to the car park.

My hands were freezing by the time we got back. I could hardly operate the key to the car - a very tricky, technical feat I think you'll agree. Once I did manage it, I fired up the engine and set the heaters to stun - I mean hot. It wasn't the day to be standing around chatting. Dry clothes donned we didn't hang around and headed home.

It was nice to have some company on such a poor day. I think, had I been there by myself, I'd have wimped out. I only hope I wasn't too slow for Ben. He's a bit quicker than me. All in all it's another training run ticked off but my legs really are feeling it now. I have, however, managed to warm up so I can put up with a few aches.


Ben Gibbison said...

A good day out all round.....

The Mad Runner said...

Yep, glad I didn't wimp out

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