Friday, November 30, 2012

Epic Bloody Fail

With the van loaded last night I was all set for a day - and more importantly, a night out - in Bristol. I was well up for it. Cue battery failure this morning in the pre-dawn frost. Having risen sub six I was not happy. Not happy at all. It just wasn't happening and after a fruitless attempt to get the damn van fired into life I had to give it up. With the dream crushed there was nothing left to do but resort to the car for the drive to work, somewhat later than planned and thus ending all thoughts of great uncle boo's up in Bristol tonight.

To add insult to injury the drive home was a dis-bloody-aster. I was into Gloucester on schedule but then the fan was struck multiple times by a myriad of faecal matter. Volume of traffic due to the road closure from the flood caused everything to grind to a soul destroying halt. Nout anyone could do. Just had to suck it up. I was home seventy five minutes later than normal. I don't want to talk about it. It's been a very disappointing day. I want to weep a little. I was really looking forward to getting pissed as a fart - and then some...

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