Sunday, September 25, 2011

What A Pile Of Rain

Well that's not what I ordered. It pretty much rained all morning and most of the afternoon. No stream clearing for me today. It's a job that needs doing before the monsoon season kicks in. The clock is ticking...

My legs are feeling it today. Didn't think they would but I guess seventeen miles up and down mountains have their price. Today I'm paying it. An hour on the bike is all I could muster for. Other than that it's been a relaxing day. Haven't had such a chilled day for a while. It's been nice. Didn't waste the entire day though. I made panzanelle for lunch and finished up with a bit of baking. It was billed as panettone and I'm no expert but it didn't turn out to be what I consider to be panettone. Do you use wholemeal flour? That's what the recipe called for. I wasn't convinced but never the less, I followed the instructions. So either it's a case for the trades description act or I made it totally wrong. It was more bready fruit cake than panettone but that said, it tasted bloody lush. I actually think it could be my favourite fruit cake. I'll not bill it as panettone but it was lush. Suffice to say I will be baking it again.

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