Thursday, September 15, 2011

Long Time No Lunch Run

It has to be well over a month since Martin and I got out for our, now not so regular, lunch time run. The old up over Dundry and it was good running. A little overcast but mild. Really rather pleasant. We ran. We chatted. The pace wasn't too high but we still got a good run out. Took us in the region of thirty four minutes for the hilly 7k route. Tonight I finished off with a session on the bike. Good day.

Finally managed to get my hands on the results of last weeks Friends 5, nee AXA 5, race. I was 57th of 240+ - not great and a long way back from my best but I did have that tough mountainous race a few days before. Martin was 20th and top M50 while Dan 'Oops I missed the start' Massey cut through the field to 17th. The final crew of Andy, Graham and Silv gave the back up to give the team a well deserved 7th place of 49 (unofficial). That, if the result stands, is our best result of recent years, beating last years previous best of 14th - now that is a result. I'm eagerly awaiting the official result so can I post the good news on the work intranet - maybe it will motive a few others to join our running ranks - then again, maybe not...

Pretty much set for the double header weekend coming up. I don't care what results I get as I know I'll enjoy the Llyn y Fan and St Arvan races. Be good to get back to the heady days of double headering. Bargain. Right, I'm off to cook up my final portion of homemade potato and cabbage soup from the freezer - is it my imagination or is it getting windy?

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