Friday, September 02, 2011

Not Such A Nice Day...

But I still got the job done. A shorter, slower recce today but on count back it still had close to 4,000 feet of ascent - and that was the same as yesterday's ascent.

With the weather threatening rain I set out from the campsite and headed for what is the last check point in the race, Maesgwm. The weather held but as I ascended to Moel Cynghorion I ascended into the cloud at about 500m. Following my bearing I hit the check point (or what will be tomorrow ) spot on.

Then a quick down back out of the cloud followed by a rather longer, slower up along the Rangers path back into the cloud and up to about 1,000m to the point it meets the numpty trail - oops, I mean tourist trail. Then it was a quick about face all the way back to Maesgwm - although I did try out a few short cuts which seemed to work.

I then followed the race route towards the finish. All went well until I met up with the road just after the rail crossing. The map shows a path across a field at the bend in the road which continues into the woods to where I think the finish will be. Only one problem, there didn't seem to be much of a path where it should have been. There was a feint trail, even had a home made bridge across a tiny stream but it kind of faded out by the time I hit the woods.

After much dilly dallying through said woods I finally hit a good path which took me to the finish. That final part of the race leaves me with many questions. I shall try and find someone before the start - preferably with local knowledge - to ask the way.

Anyway, completely f*$%ed now after today's ten miles added to yesterday's fifteen, so I'll probably be lucky to make the half way cut off! Let battle commence on the morrow...

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