Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not What I Really Had In Mind

When I penned my race schedule. It was meant to be a double header weekend followed by the Leisure Centre league race tonight but lethargy has struck me down - like the great plague through London in 1666. I need some good quality sleep. It's been a couple of busy days and the batteries are draining. I'm still riding high from Saturday's Sugar Loaf but I mustn't let it all slip now. On the plus side, I have at least managed to climb aboard the exercise bike this evening for sixty minutes of the best - well, not quite the best maybe, but a worthwhile sixty at least.

I really need to pull my socks up - not that I'm wearing any right now, showered and naked, 'cept for the bathrobe, as I am. Tomorrow must be more productive, I must do something - and by something I mean in the field of running as opposed to something as meaning anything, such as needle craft for example, which I shall not be doing in any form - not that there's anything wrong with needle craft - if that's your bag.

I simply must go run tomorrow...

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