Sunday, August 08, 2010

Doh, The Damage Is Done

So I guess I'll be leaving... What a pants race. It was meant to be flat and fast. Picture the scene, we're off, onto the road, a hill, what's this? OK, not so bad, only gentle and it's flat again now,... , what's this? A bloody gert hill - that's not good, not good at all, and with that the fast and flat become hilly and slow and with it my hopes of sub forty faded into the evening dusk... ['cept it was midday]

I was 10 seconds slower than at Magor Marsh and finished 24th but it was the hill that destroyed me. I was twenty seconds to the good until the hill from where I dropped fifty seconds which I didn't make any gains on during the fairly steep downhill. From the top I was a broken man and the rest of the race was a struggle. My splits from there were close to fours but the damage had been done and I knew I couldn't get it back.

And for the record, I don't think I'll be running the Tenbury 10k again. It was a well organised event, well marshalled and well supported, so well done to Ludlow runners and the Tenbury Rotary club but as a 10k I want to run again? it isn't wasn't.

On other matters it was a strange day. I car shared and at times it was like the clock had been rolled back a year. Back home now and, well, I feel sad again.

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