Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tiring out

I made it to the track in what were not bad conditions. A little windy on the top bend, perhaps, but on the whole, not too bad. Sean was raring to go after another weekend PB - 1:58.1 for the 800m. That's 6 seconds off his previous mark - you see, I always said he was a slacker.

Tonight we went for five sets of 500m/100m jog/300m reps with three minutes between sets and we ran with Dave B's group after a gap last week. I took a head start on the group of about 85m with the idea that Sean would just about catch me at the line so we got the same jog recovery before the 300. It worked well and I ran pretty consistant 77's for what was a 415m rep followed by 52/53s for the 300m.

After the third set my left achilles started to hurt so I swapped out the track spikes for road flats. That enabled me to complete the long reps but I missed the 300 because I didn't want to cripple myself - I've got that Seaview 17 race to run in eleven days - can't be suffering too much on that long race.

I'm pleased with the session. By the last my legs were wobbly but I held it together for a 76s.

I wonder if I will be hobbling tomorrow...

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