Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Brucie bonus, good game, good game

Bruce was back tonight after a long layoff through injury. Hopefully he can ease himself back into slowly and get back to his best. Tonight he mixed in and ran some steady four hundreds - quicker than me, I should add.

Tonight we ran five sets of 400m/200m with 30 seconds between the four and the two and a long 3 minutes between sets. The idea tonight was to go quick. Sean worked really hard - 60/61s followed by 30/31s. By the end he was pooped.

I tried my best but wasn't quite on the money tonight. My four hundreds were a consistent 75 seconds but after an initial 31s two hundred I dropped to 35s for the next two but then I had to skip the last couple of two's on account of being absolutely shagged after the four's. I ran in my road shoes on account of my achilles feeling a tad tight - I seem to have survived.

Then it was home for twenty minutes of cross training - no rest for the wicked...

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