Friday, July 03, 2009

Secretly knackered

I secretly did some leg exercises after my extremely poor track session on Wednesday. I used to do a weights session on the legs once or twice a week when I had my gym membership. I figured perhaps I was missing a trick. A trick is bloody right - my legs were sore yesterday and sorer today - and I only did some crouches, forward lunges and some side to side. I spent close to half an hour of controlled exercise mind - non of this rushing, quick rubbish - if you're gonna do something you may as well try and do it properly - that's the Nepalese guru speaking again. But my god are my legs paying the price. Still it's a good indicator that I should add a few sessions in during the week - I'm figuring by my pain, that I need it.

I hope to be able to go for a long(ish), steady run tomorrow - dependant on the legs being less sore...

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