Friday, April 27, 2007

Lazy day

A day off was just what the doctor ordered. The cold is still troubling me but I can definitely breath a bit more freely today. I will be fine for tomorrow and I'm giving Mr Cap-cam another day out. Just hope it doesn't get too warm or it'll hinder my breathing and I might collapse on the mountain - only kidding - if I do I'll just roll down the side of it instead of running!

Anyway, I've just sent off my entry for the Big Black Mountain Challenge on the 19th May. I think I may have left my entry a bit late as it says the race gets full early. It sounds like a tough one though, 15 summits of 660m or above covering 43km - now that's what I call a challenge. The race details suggest that fit walkers (or runners) can take an average of 11 hours to complete - now that must be a rough race. I'll be sad to miss doing this one but I'm guessing my entry is too late - oh well, always next year.

More from my 12 point guide to keeping a healthy level of insanity ...

5) As often as possible, skip rather than walk - especially if chatting to colleagues at the time.

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