Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fourth day in a row Thursday

I decided not to train too hard tonight. It's been my fourth day in a row after my two weeks of almost nothing so for once the mad runner has very nearly approached a level of sanity unheard of on this blog. I must not allow myself to get too used to all this sensible stuff - but I'm guessing you know it won't last.

Anyway, it was just another steady run through Ashton Court tonight, lasting just over 50 minutes. Then I put in another session on the weights before heading home for a night in with my feet up - ah, heavenly rest. The cold is much improved today - I can almost breath. I recon with a good days rest tomorrow it will be almost gone by Saturday and shouldn't effect me much in the race.

I aim to start back with the MD's sessions next week as I crank my training up a notch - only 22 weeks to the Berlin Marathon so the clock is ticking. I shall also be running my first long run for a while the following weekend. Next week also gives me the chance for a training session over the 400m hurdles ready for the first Midland League match with the B team. It ain't gonna' be pretty but you can bet your life I'll do it - there, I've said it now and the mad runner never backs out once he's committed himself to paper - or in this case the blog. I'm not sure where the meeting is, I think I heard Hereford mentioned so that isn't too bad to get to - either way I'm sure I'll get told before the day.

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4) Finish all your sentences with the phrase 'in accordance with the prophecy'

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