Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fighting for breath

Good to see Nick back but it was a case of bring out the zimmer frame for all of us tonight! Nick and Sean completed the full session of 4 x 400m followed by 6 x 300m but even they would admit it was not their fastest session ever. They've both been ill recently so it's forgivable - I forgive them anyway, even if Rick doesn't. I'm sure they'll be back running strong in next to no time - well, shall we say, in the four days they have until the Junior league track meeting at Yate on Sunday.

I could only manage the 400's followed by 2 of the 300's tonight. I just could not breath. Half way round the lap I went into bad oxygen debt and struggled to finish before gasping for breath until we started the next one. With each lap I ended up being further and further in oxygen debt until I couldn't go on. Even so I was impressed with my 400's; 72, 70, 70 and 71. That's close to being as fast as I go. Even the first 300 in 50 was surprising but the final one in 53 really finished my off - it was all I could do to move off the running line before collapsing in a pathetic heap by the side of the track.

Although I didn't finish the session I've come away feeling positive because I know that if I can run 70's without being able to breath then I'm going to go much faster once I can - well a second or two anyway.

I was thinking of running the TACH multi-terrain race tomorrow in Cleeve but I'm going to give it a miss so I can be fit (or slightly less clogged up at least) for Sugar Loaf on Saturday.

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