Sunday, April 29, 2007

Achy breaky Sunday

My legs felt a bit achy from yesterdays run. It's surprising how quickly I lost some of my race recovery rate. Before my hols I wouldn't have had a problem at all after yesterdays race but with just two weeks off I've lost it - the recovery rate that is. It won't be long before it's back though.

It was my first time out with the Sunday crew for 2 months or more and it was nice to be back out there and with such a big group - there were eight of us. We ran for about 70 minutes and covered about nine miles. Maybe not the quickest but it was up and down a bit and through a few gates and stiles. I have to be pleased with my first week back in training though. I've run six times in seven days including two races, a cold and a partridge in a pear tree. So I guess it's not that surprising my legs are a bit achy really.

The Sunday run is going to be a training base for some of the boys - I say boys, more vets - for the Castles relay in June. We - I say we, but I'm just driving the wheels as backup support on account of my youth so don't need to bother - but we're all going to be building to half marathon distance or there abouts over the next few weeks. I shall consider myself to be their technical training specialist, motivator and all round top bloke.

After the run I shot over to Yate to do the scoring for the Junior League meeting. Everything went ok with no major cock-ups. The set up at Yate is great they have this new fangled race timing system like wot they have on the BBC with photo finish and everything - it was quality - until, that is, the starter shot it and broke it - but we won't mention that. Hopefully they'll have it fixed for next weeks young athletes match.

Tootle pip.

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