Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well that didn't quite work

I thought I'd be clever. Have a lie in. Head to work late. Work till 6 and then head over the bridge for the Chepstow training session - it didn't quite pan out. I've been working hard ironing out the creases of the plant specification I'm putting together. As the clock edged towards six I was done in. My head was throbbing and I couldn't face the 40 minute drive. Although, to be fair, my feet still aren't quite right and I'm not sure how comfortable my run would have been had I made it. So it was back to a sweaty session on the bike instead. Only sixty minutes tonight. The only plus is that I should at least be fully rested and the blisters healed for Waun Fach on Saturday.

And I've learnt a valuable lesson. Into work early. Home early. Recharge and then to training...