Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mt Spewmore

I had a pretty good race tonight and actually exceeded my - albeit, quite low - expectations. Conditions were a bit too hot and humid for me so I wasn't too hopeful of a good 'un before the start. From the gun I ran reasonably hard but gave myself a scare after just 1km - a 3:50 meant I'd run the first km faster, by six seconds, than any km at last weeks Bridge Inn 5k. That knocked me a bit and I wobbled - giving Matt L and Lou a chance to come back at me. I recovered and pushed on. The rest of the race was pretty uneventful and Sundayshill wasn't really that much of a hill - not that I'm grumbling.

I got inside my 43 minute target at Thornbury's Sundayshill 10k. Actually I went one better and nudged inside 42 as well, finishing 21st in 41:48. I'm pleased with that. Despite comments to contrary, I didn't find it too hilly. That's not to say it was flat but I'd only rate it undulating. Still, it's probably not a PB course.

And the best bit - in a somewhat sick way - was that I was spewing like that Icelandic Volcano 400m out from the finish. I haven't managed to race that hard for many a month. It's not the spewing - let's be honest, that's pretty gross - but the fact I was able to race hard enough and keep on pushing past the point of no return, right to the finish - and beyond. I've still got it...

Well done to the hundred's of Chepstow Harriers who turned up - 20+ and well done to Martin from work for beating me - yet again and to Graham and Mrs Graham for - not beating me. Condolences to Phil L who picked an injury but egged me on in the last 800m and lastly well to Thornbury Running Club for putting on another flawlessly well organised race.