Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lemon fresh

Well that's me exercised for the day and showered, lemony fresh. I'm tapering back now for the Seaview 17 on Sunday. I really really want to go well there. When I ran it in 2007 I ran 2h 52m which included making a navigational cockup with only a couple of miles to go while in the lead. That cost me dear and I finished second. Last year it took me 3h 18m - and I didn't even add the extra mile. I don't think I'm back to my 2007 form - infact, I know I'm not - but I feel three hours is a possibility and that's what I'll be going for. So between now and Sunday I'm taking it easy. I want my body fully recovered. I've given it a bit of a hammering. It's held up well and I feel all the stronger and fitter for it but now's a time for a few days rest. To that end I put in a steady 60 minutes on the bike.

Addendum: I was 4th overall in the combined, cumulative time of the Pen-y-Fan/Fan-y-Big races (by my calculation).