Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Decision time

Tomorrow I attempt my longest ever run. If I have any chance at all of meeting my end of August attempt on the Cotswolds I have to attempt some really long runs. It looks like the weather has finally turned. There's a high probability I'll be getting wet out there. Maybe that's better than roasting alive though. It's a rest day today so I'll be fully ready for the challenge - hopefully [turns to camera and weeps].

I was originally planning to head over to the Brecon's but I figure I can get a descent run from the Wye Valley - and it's closer. Plus, I intend to be over Brecon way all weekend and the first half of next week so don't want to spoil the fun.

I estimate tomorrow's run will be in the region of 32 miles with ascent of around 7,000 feet. It's going to be tough - not to mention it'll take me all day - but I will prevail.

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