Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Numbing down

With more European Championship on TV and my ever sore feet still, well, sore it was once more unto saddle. I'm crossing my fingers they'll be feeling a lot better tomorrow. Ideally I'd like to get over to Chepstow tomorrow night for the training Hash run but I'll only be heading there if the feet are a lot better. I've got a good weekend of running planned with Waun Fach on Saturday followed by the Magor Marsh 10k on Sunday - but if the feet aren't right I'll be struggling so if the worst comes to the worst it'll be more bike until then. I can't afford to set back the healing process. I'm looking forward to the racing. Feeling strong I'll be going for it.

Anyway, tonight I managed 90 minutes before my bum got numb. Now back to the Europeans...

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