Sunday, June 04, 2023

Starting to Register Some Gains on Strava Segments

I ran some short treadmill reps Friday at a pretty good pace, but I had my eye on Saturday's long run so didn't do too many. Talking of the long run, it was a tad under 15km and the hilliest so far at 450m of ascent. I stayed local as it's hilly enough round here to get some good ascent numbers. Not mountain ascent numbers but it's still pretty solid.

I've missed a few weeks of the long run and I felt pretty knackered in the last the last few kilometres, but I didn't have any aches today, so I still feel on track. I'm not saying I felt fresh, mind. Today's 5k Hobbs Quary loop with it 150m of ascent was hard work. My legs didn't have any power but having said that, I still ran that ascent the fastest I have since 2014 so I mustn't grumble.

Fitted a couple of short Zwift's after yesterdaay's and today's runs by way of a bit of active recovery. Definitely a rest day tomorrow though, as my quads are shot but it was a good week of training which saw me get a couple of honourable mentions on the Strava segment rankings. I've got my sights set on those local segments....

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