Sunday, November 27, 2022

Feeling it Again

It wasn't intended to be a low volume week, but it turned out that way. That's not to say I didn't complete any decent sessions. I completed the final stage, number six, of the Zwift Tour of Makuri run and ride. The run was easy paced, the ride was medium effort till the last few km - and we can guess which way the intensity headed.... 

I also completed two training session on the treadmill and one on the trainer. The highlight of the week was Saturday, where I marshalled the summit of the Blorenge mountain in the fell race of the same name. It's fair to say the highlight wasn't the standing on the summit in the fierce winds and rain for 45 minutes - that was pretty nasty. No, it was the very short run to it and back from it to the car. I wasn't exactly wearing running kit - three layers plus heavy-duty gore-tex coat and rucksack of extras - but I actually ran it and I felt pretty strong! It feels like the training is working, even if it is highly treadmill based at the moment.

For the first time in years (getting on for a decade), I'm feeling I want to race again and I'm looking forward to powering up the hills once more....

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