Friday, December 02, 2022

I'm Getting Concerned Now....

This is getting serious! I've started taking notes and putting in some proper planning of my training sessions.  No more making it up as I go along. The key focus is the running, but I'm definitely aiming to keep improving my cycling fitness.

For next few months I'm going to be doing a session of long intervals, short intervals, an easy run and a longer run. Bike-wise... well, I'm probably still going to make that up as I go along.....

So far this week I've completed a good set of six 1-kilometre reps at a good pace beyond target 5k pace and a really good set of one-minute efforts at the fastest pace I've run so far. I've made notes on the paces and distances and have next week's sessions planned and ready to go.

On the bike I rode the Ineos training session with Tom Pidcock on Monday. It was pretty hard work. Wednesday, I tried a group workout riding the ramp FTP test - except it was the lite version and too easy to actually achieve an FTP gain. That set the scene for today's ride. Despite still feeling the aftereffects of yesterday's fast intervals on the treadmill, I was confident I was going to smash it on the full ramp test. The thing about the ramp test is it goes from easy to working hard to oh my god my heart wants to explode really bloody quickly. I slumped off the saddle after I hit the spiral of death at just below 320W. I got the result though. A 7% increase, taking me to an all-time high FTP, 4W above my previous best, from four years ago.

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