Sunday, August 21, 2022

Beginning to Creak

My left achilles is feeling a little sore. Nothing I haven't had before - back when I was proper running. I'm guessing my aging bones are going to need a little more care these days. The balancing act begins...

It's been another decent week of training. I missed one run from the plan, replacing it with yesterday's walk instead, because of said achilles and I wanted to give it a bit of extra rest. That did help as it felt improved today and didn't really bother me during or after my morning run. Also managed a couple of good Zwifts in the saddle on my rest/recovery/cross-train days. So overall, a good week with decent intensity.

Fitness-wise, my 'body battery' finally hit 100%. Hasn't been there for over two years! Sleep scores are into the nineties and my seven day resting heart rate is down to 53. It's all still heading in the right direction.

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