Saturday, August 06, 2022

Been a Quieter Week

After my biggest week of training last week, I think it was understandable I was feeling a bit knackered this week. I missed the training plans tempo run on Thursday as I was feeling empty and took a full rest day yesterday so today I decided to sort of do it today instead of the easy run. It was a plain old out and back, slightly downhill on the out so net uphill on the way back, but not by much. I went out too fast and suffered coming back, with the couple of bumps grinding me down to a walk - but only for a few steps, honest. Ended up with my fastest average pace by quite a way so I'm pleased with that. Hopefully, I will be okay for tomorrow's 'long' run. Long really isn't that long at this stage, so I should be okay if I take it gentle.

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