Friday, December 20, 2019

Zwift Racing is Fun

I've had a few days off the training for various reasons. Decided on a #Zwift race tonight. A three lapper on the volcano flat route. 37km total and not much ascent. I wasn't feeling it early on. The first lap was slow and I was at the back. I didn't really pick up many places on laps two and three but I ended up in a race - a race of five. There were three of us grouped on lap two and we picked up two more into the start of lap three. I tried a few raised efforts on the front to see if anyone would come with me to get a break but no one wanted to help so we stayed as a group. I formulated a plan...

The volcano route is flat but there are a couple of very short ups and I felt I could use those so on the second to last short up I increased the effort. I got clear but knew it was too far out to maintain. I had splintered the group though and while I sat up to recover they had to increase their efforts to get back to me. While I recovered they worked.

As we regrouped and reached the final gentle up, with about 1km to go, I hit the gas and went for it. 320W for 30s followed by 220-250W for the final 60s surge to the finish. No one responded and I ended well clear. I was both surprised and pleased with my final 90s. Didn't think I had that in the legs. Maybe I'll work a bit harder in the early stages of my next race...

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