Saturday, December 28, 2019

Oops, Missed The Start

So I thought I'd try out the new 'crit' course on Zwift with a little bit of racing. Eight laps of the 2km course. All was good, logged in and ready to go. Then, during the pre-race warm up, I got caught up watching a key bit of the Witcher, my focus was on that and I missed the start - doh!! Only by a few seconds but that was enough. These races always start like a bomb going off. There was no catching the pack and that was that.

I enjoyed the new course though. The time flys on such a short lap and it's short enough to try setting a new lap PB every other lap. One lap on, one lap recovery. And after all was done, I managed not to come last, overtaking a solitary rider on the penultimate lap.

PS, still not totally getting the Witcher. I'll try a few more episodes before I call it a bad lot and move on.

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