Sunday, December 29, 2019

Foiled By The Laughter

So I thought I'd try a tester on the #Zwift 'crit' course on two feet rather than the bike. A one lap blast - fast it turned out not to be but a blast it was. I got the giggles during the start and could hardly run. It was the largest run field I've been in, some 50+ runners so I was looking forward to some proper racing. That was before the start....

As we got under way, leaving the starting pen, heading for the start line, a few of the runners turned tail and headed back to the start pen - bit odd I thought. Then my little virtual self did the same, as I turned tail and headed back down the start pen, followed by quite a few of the other runners but far from all. I wondered what the heck was going on!

Then when reached the end, we milled around for a few seconds before turning once more to head back to the start. This time, way back in the field, we actually made it to the start line. By that time I was laughing my socks off. It was so funny watching us helplessly running the wrong way and then dilly dallying around at the end before finally going in the right direction.

It took me half a lap to recover my senses but by then the fast blast wasn't. I did ramp up the pace through to the end. After that I carried on for another two laps and turned the session into intervals, hitting three faster 250m efforts in the midst of some steadier running. Reaching a maximum speed of 15.5kph. An enjoyable 6k all told but I look forward to repeating a race on the crit at a later date - hopefully without the faulty start next time.

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