Monday, December 16, 2019

Back Out With the Locals

I was out with the Longhope running group again tonight. A far cry from last weeks mudfest, tonight we did hill reps on the road. It's been a while so despite the rep only being a relatively short effort and not overly steep I was still glad to hit the final one of ten. We ran in pairs as a relay. Up and back and then handing over the baton - there wasn't really a baton. I did not feel very quick, in fact I felt pretty heavy footed but the session went quickly and I was glad we only ran ten. It was a far cry from my heyday.

In the after run stats analysis I was surprised to see the power stats so high on the up. 400W vs my current flat run power of 190W. From how heavy footed and slow it felt I'm surprised by the figures. It'll be interesting to monitor the data in the coming months for signs of improvement...

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