Friday, November 16, 2018

Two Rides

Being both a serious training tool and a sort of game I decided to claim the spotty blue hat for my virtual me in #Zwift. It is utterly pointless but still a target so today I rode two group rides, each 30k and both had about 300m ascent.

The first was something a little different. A ten lap ride with a sprint section each lap which we attacked every third lap. Being in a big group that led to incredibly fast sprint times as compared to normal, 15.2s verses 19.4s putting me 640th of 64000+ on Strava!!

Up next, a couple of hours later, was a more normal group ride but at slightly higher power but nothing silly. That too was fun and I worked up more of sweat than I expected.

With the blue spotty hat earned that leaves a choice for tomorrow. A virtual ride with the great Mark Cavendish or, and this will shock you, orienteering! It's probably going to be the orienteering and it gives me a chance to stretch my legs without feeling embarrassed at how slowly I run - because I can blame it all on the compass... The only choice will be what course? And it'll be a choice of two, the Blue course or the Mr Men string course - the Mr Men string course will probably be more my level at the moment.....

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