Saturday, November 03, 2018

So I'm Still Not Fully Recovered...

but I managed a pretty good Zwift in spite of the aches and pains. I opted for a repeat of stage 2 of the Tour of New York and there were 140+ other riders to keep things interesting. Despite it being a ride rather than a race, we weren't kidding anyone as we vied to break away throughout the ride.

I was pleased with how little the shin splint affected me. I could feel it throughout but never got too painful. Even more pleasing was that the chest pain wasn't too bad and didn't really affect my breathing - as born out by the fact I was able to put down some descent power relative to my best performances. I'm beginning to think it's muscular rather than anything worse so hopefully will start to ease soon.

The race, uh, I mean, ride was good fun. Got into several mini pelotons through the ride and each time we worked together - apart from the break away attempts - we caught the next group up the road.

20km at an average power of 212W which is one of my best averages and certainly better than over the last three or four weeks. Happy with that.

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