Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Easy Then A Bit Of Effort

Just an easy #Zwift tonight. A group ride except it might possibly have been a race as a few people were going at it. Have to say I didn't pay that much attention to the description. Any way, I took it easy for the majority of the climb, 700m, but gave it a burn up on the final 'blip' to the radio tower. I wasn't intending to burn it up but some guy came past firing on all cylinders and after he got 40-50m ahead I decided he was making himself a pretty good hare and I took off to catch him. Firing out 130% FTP for about a minute on the 16% elevation I reached him and he went again - and so did I. Eventually, he faded and I made the top, plenty ahead. It was a bit of an adrenalin burst and good fun. After that, it was quite literally, all down hill. 32k, 700m. More tomorrow.

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