Sunday, June 05, 2016

Well That's The Comeback Done With...

...and the memory of how hard and painful road running can be has come flooding back. Made all the more painful by it being a relay, where every second counts. I think I just about upheld the honour of the electric blue and red tabard of Chepstow Harriers.

I came home in eighth place (I think) but it really isn't about your place in the field it's how much faster - or slower - you are than the teams you're competing against. Hopefully my time on Stage 5 (an 8 miler) of the Rack Raid Relay will have held up against the other B team runners.

I'm proper knackered now though. It was right hard work. I started on 4:30 pace knowing I'd lose some on the hill sections in the first half and then gain some on the downhill and flat run in. Living in Britain I have, over the years, attuned my body to work at maximum efficiency in the pouring rain. Today it was just proper hot. I don't think I've ever had a great run when it's hot but I gave my all.

I was in ninth (again, I think) from the start and hoped a few of those ahead would crack. I moved into eighth on one of the hills and for few kilometres after that had no one to chase. Eventually, entering the downhill section I closed in on one of the Fairwater Runners and got the gap down to about 25 metres but as we reached the outskirts of Monmouth I was pretty much on the limit and just faded a smidgeon as the gap stretched out to 50 metres.

Overall I think I got my pacing right though. Being ring rusty I was a bit worried about getting it completely wrong. Despite fading just a little in that last 2k I never eased up, with my mind firmly set on eeking out every second that my body would let me. I hit a heart rate max of 183 bpm with an average of 174 bpm so it's fair to say I was on the limit!

Anyway, that's the Comeback done and dusted so now phase two begins - Operation Race Myself Faster is go.....

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